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Are You In Need of a Durable Packing And Storing Item? Look Into Sturdy Paper Tubes

If you have been searching for an ingenious packaging item, check out Shiv-Tara Packaging paper tubes. They are largely used for storing and packing various types of products quickly and conveniently. Their main quality is that they can be used easily, be sealed tightly so that the inside contents are in good condition, and they will not break away with extensive usage. Over the years, the kinds of packing and storing materials used by various industries have changed drastically, which has led to an increasing demand for quality paper tubes.

Why Are Paper Tubes An Important Packing Or Storing Material For Industries Today?

You will find Shiv-Tara Packaging paper tubes to be made from durable cardboard, so as a result, they can be used to store different types of items without worrying about their condition. The wall of these tubes is such that they cannot be crushed at all. Even if the item has to be used heavily, it will not wear away and will not go out of shape. Even if the item that they contain needs to be exported to other countries, they will not be adversely affected in transit due to the strength of the tube material. In case scientific or medical products have to be shipped, both ends of the Shiv-Tara Packaging paper tube needs to be sealed.

Some of the many items that can be kept stored using Shiv-Tara Packaging paper tubes include aluminum foil, bolts, nails, nuts, packaging, toilet paper warp, industrial tools, pharmaceutical products, toys, etc. This tube is a safe packing, storing materials that can be easily moved from one location to another. There is a piece of foam placed inside the tube to protect its body, which shows how strong this material is and how it will shield the contents inside.

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Paper tube for packaging Advantages :

  • It can be easily reused and recycled.

  • They are flexible and strong. These cardboard cylinder tubes are made with durable cardboard from sturdy Kraft paper, with 2mm thickness indestructible wall can resistant to crushing and won’t out of shape to keep your product safe packed inside and can be used as shipping or mailing tube boxes, they are capable to protect the goods inside during shipment.

  • The cylindrical shape of the tube enables it to contain items which are preferably not folded, such as artwork, maps, posters, and blueprints.

Uses of Packaging Paper Tubes :

  • Shaft protectors in packaging Paper Tubes
  • T-shirt in packaging Paper Tubes
  • Toilet paper Warp on Tubes
  • Firework containers
  • Photo packaging in paper tubes
  • Aluminum foil wrap on paper Tubes
  • Paper Tubes Using for Industrial tools packaging
  • Paper Tubes containers use for Pharmaceutical
  • Screw nut bolt organizers with Paper Tube
  • Sensor packaging or protectors in Paper Tubes
  • Paper Tubes containers for Medical
  • Paper Tubes uses for Architects storage
  • Paper Containers uses for Toy packaging
  • Wire packaging
  • Paper Tube use for Spark plug packaging
  • Blueprint Safe in Paper tubes
  • Paper tubes uses for Bolts, nails, nuts packaging
  • Paper Tubes uses for Poster/ Documents storage or packaging
  • packaging are safe and luxury to carry perfume

Paper Tube Packaging and Custom Packing
Custom round packaging box are safe and luxury to carry perfume. Inside the tube, we leave foam around to protect the body of bottle. And your could do custom printing on it to outstand your logo.

How much about cardboard tubes?
The cost of cardboard tubes depends on points as below and we have common size for your reference as below :

  1. Height : normally it is over 10cm
  2. Diameter : our available moudle is from 20mm to 130mm
  3. Quantity : the MOQ of paper tube is 500pcs

Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Thickness(mm) Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm)
36 10-200 1-15 68 10-200 1-15
38 10-200 1-15 70 10-200 1-15
40 10-200 1-15 73 10-200 1-15
42 10-200 1-15 76 10-200 1-15
45 10-200 1-15 76.5 10-200 1-15
51 10-200 1-15 83 10-200 1-15
52 10-200 1-15 88 10-200 1-15
58 10-200 1-15 90 10-200 1-15
60 10-200 1-15 99 10-200 1-15
64 10-200 1-15 126 10-200 1-15

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